Rental Agreement



Reference to ‘Cue Signs Pty Ltd, throughout the following Terms and Conditions refers to Cue Signs Pty Ltd, its contractors, subcontractors and employees.

Reference to ‘you’ or ‘the hirer’ refers to the person engaging with this webpage and or placing an order.

Cue Signs Pty Ltd reserves the right to change these terms at any time. Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions prior to hire. By agreeing to hire, you are agreeing to the information contained in the Terms and Conditions. Cue Signs Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the service, product or pricing without notice of alteration.


The neon sign remains the property of Cue Signs Pty Ltd at all times.

The hirer agrees not to agree, offer or purport to sell, assign, sub-let, lend, pledge or hire or otherwise part with or attempt to part with personal possession or otherwise not to deal with the equipment and not to conceal or alter the goods or make any addition or alteration to, or repair of, the equipment.


The sign must not be used outdoors unless specifically agreed and manufactured for outdoor use before leaving our premises.

The sign is supplied with an Australian plug top for use only on mains 240V sockets and transformer

The sign will be supplied (where applicable) with hanging fixings. The sign must not be modified.

The sign must be returned undamaged and delivered in the same packaging it was collected. 


To the full extent permitted by law, the hirer releases, discharges and indemnifies the owner from all claims and demands on the owner arising out of or consequent on the use or misuse of the equipment during the hire period. 


The hirer will assume all risks and liabilities for and in respect of the equipment and for all injuries to or deaths of persons and any damage to property howsoever arising from the hirer’s possession, use, maintenance, repair or storage of the equipment.


 The hirer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment irrespective of how the loss or damage occurred during the hire period.

If there is a failure of the neon, then the hirer shall immediately contact Cue Signs Pty Ltd and the hirer shall not attempt to repair the equipment.

If any damage has occurred, the repair cost will be charged to you.

If the neon is returned late, additional days will be charged at $70.00 per day.


The neon signs may be collected by you or delivered and returned by courier/Australia Post.

Dependent upon your location, Cue Signs Pty Ltd may provide and install a delivery/collection service (conditions apply). If couriered, delivery is marked complete when the tracking number deems that delivery was successful.

Cue Signs Pty Ltd is not responsible in the instance of non-delivery to a destination if tracking shows otherwise. Cue Signs Pty Ltd reserves the right to invoice the cost price of the neon sign in the instance of it going missing throughout the event hire process.

Any damage incurred during transport by others will be the responsibility of the hirer and charged accordingly.

If the neon sign is not returned within seven (7) days of the end of the hire period, you will be liable for the full value of the item.


Depending on your specific needs, we are happy to arrange extended hire depending on the length of time you require the neon sign. 

Given the limited number of neon signs we have available, we are unable to reserve or hold signs and dates until full payment is received.

 Your booking date is only confirmed upon receiving full payment of this invoice.


On your booking invoice, a $100.00 security deposit will be charged. This $100.00 is refundable on return of the hire item subject to the following:

  1. Item returned in original working condition & original packaging
  2. Item returned on arranged dates with courier. If for some reason the scheduled courier collection is missed, the $100.00 security deposit will be forfeited.

The $100.00 security deposit will be refunded to your original payment method within 48 hours of the hire item returning to Cue Signs Pty Ltd. You will receive a confirmation email of your refund. 


 The following cancellation policy applies to all Cue Signs Pty Ltd hires.

Due to the popular nature of the neon lights, a cancellation fee of $50.00 will apply for all cancelled bookings up until 14 days before the hire date. You will be refunded the remaining hire fee & security bond within 48 hours of cancellation confirmation with Cue Signs Pty Ltd staff. 

Due to the current global pandemic (COVID-19), if Government restrictions are enforced during your hire period, preventing you from hosting your event, a full refund will be provided.


 Faults must be reported to Cue Signs Pty Ltd immediately in order to rectify and work towards a solution.

Faults due to the misuse of the neon lights will result in the security deposit being forfeited.

Our neon signs are handmade so sometimes there will be small marks on the acrylic due to the glue that attaches the neon to the acrylic. These marks are rarely evident and visible when the light is on. By accepting these terms you are recognising that these marks are not a fault. 


This Agreement is governed by the laws of Australia. Each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts exercising jurisdiction there in connection with matters concerning this Agreement.

In accessing this website and purchasing products or services on this website, the hirer is agreeing to all of the stated Terms and Conditions. 


By placing, confirming and paying for an order/hire period through Cue Signs Pty Ltd, the hirer agrees to all Terms and Conditions stated throughout the website.

The hirer understands that Cue Signs Pty Ltd reserves the right to make amendments to the Terms and Conditions at any time.

The hirer accepts the above information and agrees to the Terms and Conditions Cue Signs Pty Ltd has stated above.

The hirer understands that the order is not finalised and hire dates not secured until full payment is made.

The hirer understands that by paying the invoice you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, agreements on GST, shipping and additional charges (if applicable) and the details of the order.

The hirer understands that Cue Signs Pty Ltd is not responsible for any installation of the neon signs.  A booking of a third party for installation will render the terms and conditions of the third party to be applicable.

The hirer understands that any advice provided on installation is a recommendation only and Cue Signs Pty Ltd will not be liable for any installation errors or any event that causes injury or death due to faulty installation.

The hirer understands that Cue Signs Pty Ltd is not liable for the misuse of its signs after purchase.

The hirer understands that payments are transacted through third party dedicated gateways to guarantee buyer protection. Card information is not collected by Cue Signs Pty Ltd and all card information is handled over SSL encryption. 

All personal information collected by Cue Signs Pty Ltd is kept confidential and used only for the purpose of fulfilling your hire request. 

Please ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions for your chosen payment method.